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The ACOM SYSTEM has been developed to meet the more stringent code demands of IBC and State building codes. It is fully customizable, and can be configured to meet other specialized demands as required. The simple, modular design insures easy setup and the ability to reconfigure and relocate the system.

  • complies with: IBC, NBC, CABO, OSHA, Florida SREF, Texas TAS , ANSI, ADA

  • 10 year warranty 

  • non-combustible

  • heavy duty welded aluminum construction

  • bidirectional knurled tread forms a rugged skid resistant surface

  • non-combustible

  • 3 handrail options: 42" guardrail, 38" handrail, 38" 2 line rail

  • special manufacturing to meet needs beyond the modular system



Standard sizes shown. Custom sizes available on ramps, platforms and steps.

Call 800.800.3864 or email for a free quote.

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