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  • Does my ramp meet ADA guidelines?
    ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guidelines were designed by the US Government to insure safe and accessible design. Armada Systems meet or exceed all these requirements to give you the safest systems available. Feel free to call us with any questions or visit for more information. Check with local codes for any restrictions on the installation of a ramping system. Check the total rise of the porch or steps on the evaluation site. Be sure to include the threshold at the door into the overall rise of the system. To meet ADA codes you must have 1 foot of ramp run for every 1 inch of rise. There are exceptions to this rule only if there are space restrictions. So if a porch and steps have a total rise of 24 inches, 24 feet of ramping would be required. This does not include any platforms that may be necessary for the ramp system. To meet most codes, a level area must be located at the top and the bottom of a ramp. If a porch is not present at the top, a platform should be placed over the steps in front of the door. No run of over 30 feet is allowed without an intermediate resting platform. This platform may be a straight or turn platform. The resting platform must be at least 60 inches in length and as wide as the ramp that is leading up to it. Any platform that changes direction must be at least 60 inches by 60 inches. Handrails are required on any rise over 6 inches or ramps that are over 6 feet in length. Handrails are required on both sides of the ramp with continuous rails on switchback and dogleg platforms. Handrails are st rongly recommended on any ramp. As a guide, AlumiRamp Inc. provides sample configuration sheets to assist on ramp design. If you are in need of assistance, contact your authorized AlumiRamp Inc. dealer or call us directly at the factory.
  • Why do I want an aluminum ramp?
    The ARMADA SYSTEM is the most versatile of all the ramp styles. The welded aluminum construction offers a lightweight design, that is stronger and more durable than wood. These ramps can be disassembled and reused at different locations, and they can be set up in most any configuration. The aluminum surface is virtually maintenance free. Installation is quick and does not require a building permit since it can be considered a temporary structure. The QUICK RAMP KIT combines the versatility of the ARMADA SYSTEM with the cost advantages of a wood ramp. This ramp can also be disassembled, relocated, and set up in most any configuration. There is however more labor involved with the installation and maintenance of the QUICK RAMP. Wood ramps require the most maintenance and labor of all ramp systems. Yearly maintenance is typically required such as replacing old boards and applying wood preservative. In most cases a contractor and building permit is required. Wood ramps can only be used once and cannot be relocated.
  • How do I maintain my ramp?
    IMPORTANT: Regularly check your ramp system for any worn, loose or damaged parts. In addition, if your ramp is made from wood check for warped, split, or splintering boards. If you find a problem, DO NOT USE THE RAMP! Contact the builder or manufacturer of the ramp for repairs to be made. Failure to act may cause severe injury.The surface of the ramp may become slippery under certain conditions, such as icy or wet. Caution should be used at all times during use of a ramp. On aluminum ramp surfaces we recommend using a salt substitute to help remove ice and snow. The use of regular salt will cause deterioration of the aluminum surface and should not be used. Keep the surface of the ramp free and clear of any dirt or debris that may accumulate on the ramping surface. Aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with water and any mild detergent. No one should play on or around a ramp. The ramp should not be used for anything other than building access for which it was designed. Any other use may cause injury to the user, damage to the ramp, and void warranties. For wood ramps a skid-resistant surface should be added after its construction. Such a surface may be achieved by applying a non-skid adhesive tape. It is also possible to add silicon sand to exterior paint and apply to the ramp surface. Be sure to check with the builder of the ramp BEFORE applying anything to the ramp surface and follow the paint manufacturers specifications. DO NOT add to or modify any part of the ramp system without first contacting the builder or manufacturer of the ramp. Any modifications may void any warranties as well as affect the structural integrity of the ramp.
  • How do I buy a ramp?
    Call or email us and we will direct you to a dealer in your area. Phone : 800.800.3864 email :
  • Who installs the ramps?
    There are three options for the installation of your ramp: 1. A local dealer 2. You can hire a local contractor yourself 3. You can do the installation yourself
  • Which style ramp do I need?
    Ramp Styles
  • What length ramp do I need?
    Find the right length ramp for your situation.

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