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Which Style Ramp Do I Need?

From the MINI RAMP SERIES of small portable ramps, to ACOM, a large commercial

heavy-duty, all aluminum ramp system, AlumiRamp has a wheelchair ramp to fit

your needs. Standard sizes are in stock and readily available to ship; however,

custom sizes may be manufactured quickly to meet special situations.

The AlumiRamp MINI RAMP SERIES is a group of smaller portable ramps designed to be lightweight and easily moveable.

Ready Ramp

An aluminum ramp useful when a longer ramp is needed, but it still must be portable. A multi-folding ramp, the compact Ready Ramp folds to half its length and half its width to store in car or van.

AlumiLite Folding Curb Ramp

Made of aluminum, this scooter ramp is lightweight and folds in half, making it as easy to carry as a suitcase.

AlumiLite Solid Curb Ramp

When needing a more  permanent ramp, the all aluminum solid curb ramp provides a safe & secure transition ramp that is perfect for scooters.

AlumiLite Landscape Collection

Providing beauty as well as function to your wheelchair ramp. A powder coated finish available in four attractive colors to enhance your home's decor. Four sizes and four colors are available.

Threshold Ramp

A lightweight aluminum ramp used primarily on small thresholds and 1 step obstacles up to 4".

Rubber Threshold Ramp

Useful for sliding glass doors and small thresholds to 2 1/2".

Telescopic Channel Ramp

Two separate channels which, when used together, form a pathway for the wheels of a manual wheelchair.

The ARMADA MODULAR SYSTEM is the best modular aluminum ramp system anywhere. A high strength aluminum, anodized finish makes this ramp system durable and beautiful. Meets all ANSI and ADA codes. Ramp's platforms and steps provide a complete solution.

The ACOM COMMERCIAL RAMP SYSTEM meets the demands of more stringent codes. All aluminum, 4' width, heavy duty construction, and 3 types of handrails available. Along with platforms and steps, this system can be configured to meet IBC, NBC, CABO, OSHA, Florida SREF, Texas TAS, ANSI, or ADA codes.

The QUICK RAMP SYSTEM is a pre-engineered wood kit ramp that combines an aluminum structure with a wood surface to provide a lower cost alternative to all aluminum.

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